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Renewable Energy: The future of mini grids
With the nation's critical infrastructure aging, more and more companies and individuals are looking at energy options and the use of mini grids. JetStream is working with the LASIR lab on developing solutions to provide clean energy using the CHESS system. Our vision is to be innovative leaders in furthering renewable energy technology towards a cleaner and more secure energy future.
Vanderbilt & JetStream Partnership
Vanderbilt University and JetStream have expanded their partnership on the CHESS system. CHESS is a patented technology which provides a more consistent power generation capability using both renewable and traditional energy sources. “We are very excited about our ongoing partnership to help drive renewable energy technology for supporting our global Communities.”
Energy Systems
The Clean Hybrid Energy Scalable System (CHESS) and Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) family of products provide leading innovative energy solutions


JetStream provides renewable energy generation systems and information technology services. JetStream features the CHESS solution which leverages state-of-the-art designs and patented technology to integrate solar and wind energy with multiple energy types to maintain the advantages of clean power.
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