Clean Hybrid Energy Scalable System (CHESS)

Globally there is a push to move towards cleaner, more efficient use of renewable energy. With the exploding global energy demands, declining reserves of fossil fuel, and environmental concerns from traditional energy sources, new methods of energy generation will continue to grow.

Is a patented technology that provides a constant, clean source of power. Using the JetStream Master Control System, the CHESS power generation methods are both scalable and adaptable to a wide range of renewable power implementations. CHESS combines solar, wind and tri-fuel options with standard generators to provide a cost effective constant energy source.
JetStream also provides Energy Systems Technology.
The versatile design of CHESS is ideal for mobile deployment or more permanent systems ranging from 4 kilowatt power needs to micro-grid deployments for off-grid capacity. Find out more about CHESS deployments:
CHESS encompasses a suite of solutions that can meet your specific implementation needs.

Consistent, reliable power where needed
Cost savings over grid extension
Autonomous operation of energy sources
Redundant systems component design
Limited refueling requirements
Capacity to scale to meet demand
Multiple output types at large capacities
Low emissions & environmentally friendly