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JetStream also provides Energy Systems Technology.

Energy Systems

Clean energy paired with energy efficiency measures is not only good for the environment, but also makes good economic sense. Across the country, public utility districts and investor-owned utilities are analyzing and implementing programs to increase the percentage of electricity from renewable resources, as well as furthering energy conservation initiatives.

JetStream has partnered with Talisen Technologies, Inc. to design and implement mission critical software solutions that monitor and reduce energy consumption in a variety of industries, including government, defense, and commercial sectors.
The ESP system provides a secure, role based web portal for centralized user access. The portal’s authentication and authorization system has been integrated with a secure remote access gateway and identity and access management (IAM) platform. ESP can analyze the efficiency of across a clients total portfolio to provide a better understanding of where renewable energy projects and additional energy savings efforts should be focused, and will identify which facilities, compared to others are managing their energy efficiently and which others have room for improvement.
Enterprise Sustainability Platform
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